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FOIA Information Request

Marion County recognizes the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (South Carolina Code 30-4-10) enacted by the South Carolina General Assembly that gives every citizen the right to access government meetings, documents and records. By standardizing the County's procedures for processing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and establishing reasonable fees for such request, the County will ensure its compliance with FOIA and its intended goal of transparency of County operations and policies. All requests for information pursuant to the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) must be made in writing and submitted in person, by mail, email or fax to the County of Marion. To ensure accuracy in the County's response, all requests should be as descriptive as possible.
 Once your request is received,the County will provide an initial determination within 10 business days if the requested records are no more than 24 months old; for records more than 24 months old, the county may take up to 20 business days to make a determination per S.C. Code Ann. § 30-4-30(C). The initial determination will contain information about what documents pertaining to the request are available and an estimated cost for providing the documents. S.C. Code Ann. § 30-4-30(B) allows public agencies to provide reasonable fees for the search, retrieval, redaction and copying of requested documents. A 25% deposit may be required before the retrieval process begins. Once a deposit has been made, the law requires requested records to be provided within 30 days for records under 24 months old and within 35 days for older records. 

Requests which are estimated to require three or more hours of staff time for research will be accompanied by a deposit of 25% to defray costs in the event the requestor fails to pay for copies and wages of the staff collecting and copying the documents. No documents shall be released until such time as the difference is remitted. No FOIA request shall be honored for any person who has failed to reimburse the City for costs associated with prior FOIA requests until such time as they remit the fees that are in arrears.


FOIA Fee Schedule

Search Fee 
Hourly rate of the lowest paid staff member able to perform the work.
Retrieval Fee
Hourly rate of the lowest paid staff member able to perform the work.
Redaction Fee
Hourly rate of the lowest paid staff member able to perform the work.
$0.20 per page
USB Flash Disc
$5 per device