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Register To Vote

In order to vote, South Carolina law requires that one must first register to vote in your county of residence at least 30 days prior to the election. To be eligible to register in South Carolina you MUST:  

  • be a United States citizen 
  • be at least eighteen years old on or before the next election 
  • be a resident of South Carolina, this county, and precinct 
  • not be under a court order declaring you mentally incompetent 
  • not be confined in any public prison resulting from a conviction of a crime 
  • have never been convicted of a felony or offense against the election laws; OR, if previously convicted, have served the entire sentence, including probation or parole, or have received a pardon for the conviction.   

How can I register to vote?

  • Register at the County Voter Registration & Elections Office.  
  • Register at any of the designated motor voter sites, including:
  1. Department of Motor Vehicles,
  2. Department of Social Services
  3. Other state and federal public service agencies. 

When registering, one of the following forms of identification must be provided:

  • a current valid photo ID that has your correct name and picture 
  • a current utility bill that shows your name and address in this county
  • current bank statement that shows your name and address in this county 
  • a current paycheck or paycheck stub that shows your name and address in this county 
  • other government document that shows your name and address in this county 

If you do not provide this identification at the time you register, you will be required to provide this information when you vote. Voters who are age 65 and over, voters with disabilities, members of the U.S. Uniformed Services or Merchant Marines and their families, and U.S. Citizens residing outside the U.S. are exempt from this requirement.

If you do not register in person, you may forward your completed application to us in one of the following ways:

  • Scan the completed application and send by email to . 
  • Fax the completed application to 843-423-8267. 
  • Mail the completed application to: 

Marion County Voter Registration & Elections
P.O. Box 1898
Marion, SC 29571

Update your information
Keep your information current with the Voter Registration Office.  If your address changes we need to know so that you may vote in the proper districts.  All correct information leads to less confusion on Election Day.You may do this one of three ways and send in to the voter registration office:            

  • Fill in new information on the back of your voter registration card            
  • Complete a new registration application            
  • Complete a change of address form

Polling Locations

View a list of Marion County Polling Locations HERE.

Voter Registration Deadlines

There is no length of residency requirement in South Carolina in order to register to vote. You must be registered at least 30 days prior to any election in order to vote in that election. You must be a resident of a city for at least 30-days to vote in its municipal election. Registration by mail applications must be postmarked at least 30 days prior to that particular election to be eligible to vote in the election.

17-Year Olds 
Individuals who are not yet 18-years-old, but will turn 18 before the next election, and who otherwise qualify to vote, have the right to register to vote.  To vote in the election, these citizens must register to vote by the voter registration deadline for the election.


Any person who is convicted of a felony or an offense against election laws is not qualified to register or to vote, unless the disqualification has been removed by service of the sentence, or unless sooner pardoned. Service of sentence includes completion of any prison/jail time, probation, parole, and payment of restitution.

Once a person serves his sentence; he may register to vote. The applicant must submit a new voter registration application.  This application must be completed by the 30-day voter registration deadline to vote in any election.