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Tax Collector

Portugal Steele
Tax Collector
Tammy S. Barr
Administrative Assistant
2523 E. Hwy 76, Room 105
P.O. Box 389
Marion, SC  29571
Phone: (843) 423-8228
Fax: (843) 275-6125

Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
The Delinquent Tax Department investigates and collects delinquent real and
personal property taxes, penalties, and levy costs; finds and notifies taxpayers
of taxes owed; and maintains an accurate, up-to-date account of monies
collected. The County Treasurer executes the bill to the Delinquent Tax
Department for collection on or about March 17th of each year all property
taxes that have not been paid in the Treasurer’s office become delinquent.
The property is turned over from the Treasurer’s office to the Delinquent
Tax Collector’s office. On or about April 1st notice is sent on all unpaid taxes
including due dates and the amount due, including all penalties. 30 days
from the first delinquent mailing the taxpayer is sent a certified tax notice.
If the certified notice is not received, the notice is returned to the delinquent
tax office and the property is posted. In posting delinquent tax property it is
also seized to be advertised for sale. Certified tax notices state the property 
has been seized and will be advertised and sold for the delinquent
taxes, if not paid.  Delinquent taxes are due by August 31 of each year.  
The Delinquent Tax Department also works closely with the County Treasurer,  
County Auditor, and County Assessor.

This Department Does:

  • Send out notices for past-due taxes on personal and real property
  • Collect and process delinquent tax payments
  • Seize property for non-payment, in accordance with S.C. Code of Laws, Title 12
  • Plan, conduct, and manage tax sales
  • Perform post-sale work, such as title and mortgage research and deed creation
  • Provide a public access terminal for delinquent tax information

This Department Does Not:

  • Accept payments for non-delinquent tax bills (See Treasurer)
  • Revise tax bills call Auditor's Office, Vicki Cook,  Auditor at 843-423-8205
  • Determine values on real property (See Assessor)
  • Determine values on personal property call Auditor's Office, Vicki Cook,  Auditor at 843-423-8205
  • Provide information on taxes due in other counties