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Inmate Phone System


Pay Tel Logo TMThe inmate phone system is operated by PayTel Communications and accounts can be funded directly for the inmate to make calls to any authorized number,  set up where the funds may only be used for the inmate to call a specific person, or used for collect calls.  Inmates cannot receive incoming telephone calls as the system is programmed for outgoing calls only.  Staff cannot pass notes or messages to the inmates.  Family emergencies are handled via the Director or Command Staff.   

During the initial phase of the processing procedure, each inmate is afforded the opportunity to make completed telephone calls to notify family, contact a lawyer, or contact their religious mentor or pastor.  After their bond hearing, each inmate is allowed to make an additional phone calls to contact a bondsman and family members.


Taperecorder - CopyAll phone calls are recorded and subject to monitoring by officers.

PhoneTo Fund an Inmates Phone Account

To fund the inmate’s phone account, please go to the Jail Pack Store to deposit funds online for your inmate’s canteen account.  Funds may also be deposited at the Detention Center through the kiosk located in the lobby.  The inmate will transfer the funds to his/her phone account as needed.  For additional information on depositing funds for the inmate to use for the phone system please go to our commissary page or visit Paytel Communications.

To Set up a Personal Phone Account Between You and the Inmate:

To set up, fund, or get information on receiving inmate phone calls directly from your inmate, please call Pay Tel Communications at 1-800-729-8355, or visit Paytel Communications for more information on how to directly fund phone time for an inmate.