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Inmate Tablets

Pay Tel Tablet ProprietaryThe Marion County Detention Center has deployed Pay Tel’s inteleTABLET™ which provides the inmate population with a wide variety of educational and reentry resources specifically designed to provide a path towards successful reintegration into society. The tablets and content are provided at no cost to the Sheriff’s Office by Pay Tel Communications.  The tablets provide a number of features for the inmates in the Detention Center to include a Lending Library, Law Library, Electronic Messaging, and an Entertainment Package which includes movies, TV shows, music, and games. Please click here for more information on the inteleTABLET or here to see the inteleTABLET brochure


InteleSCAN is a free mail service offered by PayTel Communications.  The inteleSCAN service provides receiving, inspection, and electronic scanning of all personal mail at an off-site facility.  Once scanned, the mail is delivered electronically to the Detention Center and is available to the inmate through the inteleTABLET system.  This free service reduces the potential introduction of contraband through physical mail, keeps detention center staff safe from potential hazardous materials that may be in the physical mail, and saves staff time where they may focus on other important security issues within the jail.  Please click here for more information inteleSCAN and inmate mail procedures.


Pay Tel Tablet Lending Library ProprietaryPay Tel’s inteleTABLET™ offers inmates with access to a lending book library. Inmates will be able to check out and read over 30,000 eBooks at no cost to the inmate.  

  • Classics
  • Self-Help
  • In-Demand Titles
  • Religious and Inspirational Titles

Law Library

Pay Tel’s inteleTABLET™ offers inmates with access to a full featured up-to-date law library offering state and federal level legal resources for research. Inmates have access to this digital law library at no cost.


Pay Tel Tablet Messaging - ProprietaryElectronic Messaging is available to inmates, their friends, and family through Pay Tel’s inteleTABLET system.  It offers inmates the ability to send and receive messages on the tablets at lower rates than the US Postal service charges for mail.  Messages have a character count that allows a single message to provide the same content as the average two page letter with the convenience of a text message.  

Inmate friends and family can purchase a Gift Message Package for their inmate which allows the inmate to send messages to anyone on their contact list. Inmates are also allowed to send “collect” messages which can be accepted and paid for by the recipient when they log into their Pay Tel account.  Please click here to visit the Paytel inteleMESSAGE page.


The entertainment package available through the tablet system provides inmates the ability to purchase content from the available entertainment options which includes movies, TV shows, music, and games.  Inmates can also earn free credits that may be exchanged for entertainment content by completing educational and self-help courses through the Pathway to Achieve Learning Management System.  Please click here for more information on Pathway to Achieve.