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The Booking Processes

It is the policy of the  Detention Center to govern the admission and booking of all new inmates, transferred inmates, and inmates returned by other jurisdictions to ensure legal detention and medical fitness for incarceration.  The Detention Center will not incarcerate or hold any person except under appropriate legal authority and documentation.   The arresting agency can place a detainer on the arrestee to obtain charging documents for a time not to exceed 24 hours from the time the detainer was placed. 

Booking Process - The Detention Center maintains accurate and complete records on all persons incarcerated at 
the facility.  In addition to paper files and records, the Detention Center maintains  electronic records of all inmates through its computer database.  The database maintains records on admission, processing and release of all inmates.  The database  provides data feeds to Mobile Patrol, VINE, and other  sites as public information. 

Medical Screening
- Security Personnel and/or medical staff screen all incoming inmates.  The SC Minimum Standards state any prisoner who appears to be either severely injured or acutely ill, or who is in a stupor or a coma, even though the apparent cause may be intoxication, shall be examined by a qualified medical practitioner prior to acceptance or admission. Further, if after an examination and treatment as appropriate, with medical release and clearance orders of the qualified medical practitioner, the prisoner is accepted at the facility, he/she shall be maintained by security staff under the level of observation determined necessary by the qualified medical practitioner. A qualified medical practitioner means a licensed medical doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or advance-practice registered nurse.

If the Detention Center determines that the incoming prisoner meets any of the above guidelines or has been in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of the severity of the accident, the incoming prisoner will be medically denied admittance until cleared by a qualified medical practitioner as defined.

  Booking Information Collected:               

           a.     Identification data.
           b.     Charge and bond data.
           c.      Property inventory, storage and receipt.
           d.     Hold, warrant, detainer and extradition data, both local and NCIC.
           e.     Criminal history data.
           f.      Photograph,  fingerprint, and collect DNA samples, as required.
           g.     Medical and mental health screening to include current and preexisting illness, current medication 
                   behavioral observation, body deformities, skin condition and infestation.
            i.     The inmate will typically be housed in booking until after their bond hearing.

Inmate telephones - The Booking seating area and all Booking cells have telephones available for the inmates.  At the completion of the booking process, inmates may use the telephone to contact an attorney, family member  or other contact person. 

Bond Hearings - The Magistrate's Office normally has bond hearings twice daily at 0900 AM and 0300 PM for all county and state prisoners.  The Cities are responsible for setting the time for bond hearing for any prisoners they have booked at the Detention Center.  Holiday hours may vary but all prisoners typically must have a bond hearing within 24 hours of being incarcerated. A bond hearing may be delayed if a victim is involved and they want to attend the bond hearing.  Bond Court will be conducted Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 9:00 am . The scheduled times may vary according to the availability of the Magistrate on duty.  Cash and/or surety bonds can be posted in the Magistrate's Office. They accept cash, money orders and major credit cards, but they cannot accept personal checks. 

For more information on the Magistrate's Office and Magistrate's Court system, click here.