What is a zoning district?
The zoning districts are areas that have certain similar uses and setbacks from the property lines for those uses and related structures.

How do I find out my zoning district?
Either e-mail or call us with, in order of preference, the Tax Map #, the street address or name of property owner. We will look it up on our zoning maps and answer any further questions you may have.

How do I report a violation?
E-mail or call the planning department with the address and/or nature of the violation. A county ordinance ensures you will remain anonymous. The Code Enforcement officers will visit the alleged violation site and document their visit before enforcement procedures start.

What are setbacks?
Setbacks are the distances in feet that a structure or use must be from the property lines. The setbacks vary with zoning districts and uses within zoning districts.

Do I need a permit?
Most likely, YES! Call (843) 423-8238, Ext. 116 to ask.

Can I set up any Manufactured Home?
Marion County only permits HUD Certified Manufactured Homes to be set up. Any home older than July 15th, 1976 is prohibited from being moved into the county. 

What does a zoning inspection involve?
A zoning Code Enforcement officer will visit your property and measure from the flags placed, or structure itself, to the property lines for compliance.

What will happen if I do not get a permit?
After careful review of the structure to verify no permit being issued, a series of actions will be followed as written in the ordinance to bring the structure into compliance. This can be much more expensive than the initial permit itself.

What is the Board of Zoning Appeals?
The Board of Zoning Appeals is a citizen board that reviews Administrative Appeals, Variances and Special Exceptions to the Zoning Ordinance in a Public Hearing held in the Conference Area of the Marion County Administration Building, when necessary.

 What is the Planning Commission?
The Planning Commission is a citizen board that reviews and makes recommendations to County Council about amendments (map and text) of the Zoning Ordinance. The Commission also reviews the plans developers present pursuant to the Land Development Ordinance. The meetings are held at 5:45PM on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Conference Area of the Marion County Administration Building.
How do I apply to go in front of the Board of Zoning Appeals or the Joint Planning Commission?
The Planning & Zoning Department will handle the appropriate forms that are required for placement on the agenda for you.

What is a Certificate of Zoning Compliance?
This is the form that states that the placement or use of a structure on the property is in compliance with the zoning ordinance.

I do not own the property. Can I still apply for a permit or get on the Planning Commission's or the Board of Zoning Appeals' agendas?
Yes! You will need all the property owner's signatures verifying that you are the designated agent.  The planning department has the forms for various situations.