The Release Process

The release process has many steps, which must be completed before the inmate is released from the detention center. Detention staff must verify the release documents, complete a criminal "want" inquiry through the NCIC computer system and check for outstanding warrants (charges) in the Magistrate Court computer system. This process normally takes about 30-minutes, but it can take up to an hour or more depending upon existing circumstances. 
  • Release through the Courts- Once an inmate has been released from an outside court, he/she must be returned to the Detention Center to be officially released from the center. Sometimes court documents or release documents are not sent from General Sessions Court until the end of the day (around 5:00 pm). When this occurs the inmate cannot be released until the proper paperwork has been received at the center. 
  • Time Served – Sentenced inmates assigned to the Minimum Security Building are provided with their release date well in advance.  
  • General Sessions Court - Even if an inmate receives time served in General Sessions Court there still may be a delay in the release process because the Detention Center may be required to forward their sentencing documents to the South Carolina Department of Corrections for processing prior to release. This process may take up to two (2) business days. There also may be a delay in receiving the documents from the courts. This problem occurs sometimes when an inmate returns from court after 5:00 pm and the court staff have left for the day and the paperwork was not brought back with him/her or cannot be verified. 
  • Payment of Bond or Fine – Once an inmate's bond has been paid, the Magistrate will prepare the release document and send it to our booking/release section. 
  • Combined Payment of Fine and Time Served - In some cases the payment of a fine and time served may be required for an inmate to be released from the facility. When this occurs the inmate cannot be released until all requirements have been satisfied. 
  • Employee shift change is at 7:00 am and 7:00 pm daily. During this process inmate movement is restricted and afternoon releases at 7:00 pm may be delayed until the shift change has occurred. 
Inmates are responsible for transportation away from the center after release. 
Judicial System – Jail Magistrate Office
Normal office hours for the Jail Magistrate's Office are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, excluding holidays. Magistrate Court is conducted Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, at 9:00 am  for bond hearings and guilty pleas. Bond Court will be conducted Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 9:00 am . The scheduled times may vary according to the availability of the Magistrate on duty. 
You should call the Magistrate's Office at 843-423-8210 to confirm that a Magistrate will be available prior to coming. 
  • Cash and/or surety bonds can be posted in the Magistrate's Office. They accept cash, money orders and major credit cards, but they cannot accept personal checks. 
  • Jury Trials – Personal clothing for court appearances in General Sessions court must be taken to the Detention Center.  
Victim Rights
The Victim Rights Bill affords victims of certain crimes the right to be present during the criminal justice proceedings, including bond hearings and sentencing. The Victim Advocates are required by law to attempt to contact victims to determine whether they wish to attend the proceedings. If you need to contact the Victim Advocate's Officer, you need to call the Victim Advocate’s Officer where your crime was commented. 
Marion County    843-423-8216
Marion City         843-423-8616
Mullins City        843-464-0707   
Inmate Property
When an inmate is processed into the center all personal items, except court papers, are taken from the individual. These are labeled and stored in the property room. The inmate is issued center clothing and a hygiene kit. This kit contains enough soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc., to last the inmate until he/she can purchase commissary items. We do not accept packages for inmates. Inmates may purchase special postage-paid envelopes and other items needed through the commissary. In order for an inmate to release property, he/she must complete a Property Release Form naming the person approved to pick up their property. Thirty days after an inmate's release unclaimed property will be disposed of according to center policy. 
Inmate Property Accepted Into The Center
We do not accept personal clothing for the inmates to use in the detention center. We issue all clothing, and footwear. Undergarments may be purchased at on the commissary.
Cash, credit cards or debit cards can be used to deposit money into an inmate's account by using the kiosk located in the lobby. This kiosk is open for use 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. A transaction fee of $2.00 is deducted from the total amount of money deposited, and a receipt is printed from the kiosk. The money is immediately added to the inmate's account. 
No Cash or Postal Money Orders are accepted through the US Postal Service.  Funds must be deposited through McDaniel Supply Company. 
Inmate Money
Upon arrival, all inmate funds are counted by the inmate and verified by an officer.  All funds are placed on the kiosk system by the inmate and a receipt given.  
Inmates housed at the Detention Center are not permitted to have any funds in their possession. All personal funds shall be maintained in an inmate funds account. 
Commissary orders are placed directly on the commissary kiosk located in each housing unit.  Commissary is delivered to the inmated each Friday.  Sanck Packs may be purchased by the inmates daily and will be delivered each night. 
Indigent Inmates can order hygiene kits, writing kits, and legal kits free of charge on the kiosk.
Inmate placed on restrictions may lose their commissary privlidges.
Inmates are encouraged to maintain ties with family members and friends. They may use the U.S. Postal Service to send and receive correspondence. When sending mail make sure the inmate's name is written on the correspondence. 
  • We do not accept packages for inmates. 
  • Inmates assigned to the general population housing units will have access to telephones periodically each day. The inmate telephone system is programmed for outgoing pre-paid and collect calls only. 
  • Inmates cannot receive incoming telephone calls and staff cannot pass notes or messages to the inmates. 
  • During the initial phase of the processing procedure, each inmate shall be afforded the opportunity to make telephone calls. 
  • Prior to accepting a call you can listen to the prompts and you can obtain a quote for the call. 
If you have questions regarding this service or problems receiving calls from the center please call 1-800-844-6591. (Prices may change.) 
All Inmate correspondence (incoming and outgoing mail) except legal mail is opened and examined.  Personal mail is scanned into the kiosk system and available for the inmates electronically.  The original mail will not be given to the inmate until their release.