About Us


What This Office Does:

  • Appraise Real Property and Manufactured (Mobile) Homes for tax purposes
  • Accept and process written appeals to values generated by this office
  • Update ownerships on real property records based on recorded transfer instruments (deeds)
  • Determine area of land to be included in a tax parcel of land using recorded deeds and plats. (i.e. combine parcels, subdivisions, etc.)
  • Maintain and process 4% legal residence and agricultural applications
  • Provide property records. (Shows sketch of buildings and other related  information)
  • Discover, measure and appraise new construction for tax purposes
  • Process Multiple Lot Discount applications for developers meeting requirements of South Carolina Code of Laws Sec. 12-43-224 and Sec. 12-43-225
  • Change mailing address for real property owners as requested

What This Office Does NOT Do:

  • Give legal advice
  • Research real property for legal claim
  • Have tax or other information on vehicles, boats, motors or other personal property
  • Give information on or estimate property tax amounts
  • Issue any type permits (Building, electrical, mobile home, etc.)
  • Give information on delinquent taxes
  • Accept payments for County property taxes
  • Assign site addresses
  • Grant exemptions for real property